“Bloggingheads: Do We Need Religion?”

From the NYTimes, this video-thing (“Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute and Ross Douthat of The Atlantic debate whether a functioning society requires religious faith”)  begins with an incredibly flawed questio:

Does increased secularization mean a less moral society?

There are so many issues with the question (how one defines “moral,” for example, will dictate the answer to this question)  and the actual discussion is less sophisticated than many I hear from our students in the dining hall. If that hasn’t turned you off (it is, maybe, worth the 5 minutes) then you can watch it all here.

This whole thing strikes me as fairly sophomoric and I am, if nothing else, sophomoric. When do I get my chance on the NYTimes blogging TV! Jim, I think we should make a pitch for the two of us to go no their split screen. Of course they will have to supply you with high speed internet, but other than that, we are good to go!

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