Eve really didn’t have a choice.

Read to the last line. From Truemors:

Titanic Snake Reveals Hot Info On Ancient Climate

Next time the express bus to downtown goes by, take a moment to imagine that sucker with a head, a tail and an appetite, and you’ll get a rough idea of the enormous discovery made by archaeologists poking around in an open pit mine in Columbia. The one-ton reptile, named Titanoboa cerrejonensis, could maneuver on land or in the sea and — while related to the boa constrictor — resembled the anaconda more closely in terms of behavior. Since the size of snakes is determined by environment, this find seems to indicate that equatorial regions of the world were much hotter than previously believed, prompting concern in some scientific quarters about what that may mean for the current warming trend. Well, this could put to rest that whole Eve-being-manipulative assumption by the creationists in the audience; would you argue with a 45-foot serpent?

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