BMW makes a car out of cloth and inspires a man of the cloth.

I stumbled across this video today of an amazing concept car by BMW. The idea is simple: the strength and support of a car is not in the skin/sheetmetal but in the bracing underneath it, so why not use something other than metal? GINA has a plastic coated lycra fabric as its skin and the results are amazing. You need to see the video to get a sense of this. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see this make production? I think so.

So at the bottom of the post where I found this story was an auto-generated post titled:Flexible: BMW and Ecclesiology. The end of the video will explain where this post comes from, but the gist is,

The GINA then became a metaphor for how BMW as a company even thinks about cars…or thinks about thinking. For those of us trying to re-think forms and structures in church settings, this little story is a great example of how long-established paradigms could be replaced by faithful innovation.

Uh, maybe.

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