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Wired Campus: “Found in Old Books”

From The Wired Campus (Chronicle of Higher Ed): If only the metadata accompanying e-texts were as interesting as that found in used books! Online bookseller AbeBooks.com recently asked its vendors about the strangest things they’ve found in used books. The list will surprise you: a Christmas card from L. Frank Baum, a Mickey Mantle rookie card, a diamond ring, a strip of bacon, $40,000, a World War II U.S. ration book, and even “a holographic […]

Moral leadership?

Or ethical leadership? What is in the perception? To some “morality” and “ethics” are interchangeable. We are placing an emphasis upon developing our students as _______ leaders with the blank space being usually “ethical” but why not “moral”? What do you all think, is there a difference? Do you prefer “moral leadership” as a term or “ethical leadership”? Image used with permission from thegoldguys.blogspot.com/  

BMW makes a car out of cloth and inspires a man of the cloth.

I stumbled across this video today of an amazing concept car by BMW. The idea is simple: the strength and support of a car is not in the skin/sheetmetal but in the bracing underneath it, so why not use something other than metal? GINA has a plastic coated lycra fabric as its skin and the results are amazing. You need to see the video to get a sense of this. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to […]