Coolest Football Helmets

We are obviously talking about real, tackle football where the players have to wear protective gear otherwise they would suffer debilitating injuries, that’s how hard and tough this sport is! has decided to do a best of list and I admire the fact that they have parted from the usual “Top 10” to provide us with the 11 coolest helmets. Heck, he even included 5 “honorable mentions.” I can’t say that I really agree with all of his picks (or her, I am not sure who “MJD” is) but in my book you cannot go wrong with simple, iconic images. Like, for example, my Cowboys!

The rectangle is above being associated with any one sports team. The circle has too many universal applications to be claimed by any franchise. Nobody owns the square. But the Cowboys have taken the star, or at least the blue one, and they’ve made it their own.

Darn straight! We own that Star! Now, I also have to agree with MJD that the Packers and Colts have to be congratulated and admired for not changing with the times either. The Cowboy’s helmet has remain largely unchanged as well, with the only changes being going from white background to silver and then adding a border to the star. Simple, clean, and classic.

Now, to open the floodgate to all those haters out there. Go on, tell me what your favorite team is and why their helmet is better than the pure, simple, and blazingly powerful star!

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