Turn your MacBook into an Earthquake Sensor 1

From The Wired Campus

If Monday’s earthquake in China has sparked an interest in seismology, and you happen to own a Mac laptop, you can transform your computer into your own personal seismic station. A free program from SeisMac takes advantage of the acceleration sensor inside you computer to register when it gets the shakes. The program was developed with support from the National Science Foundation and from the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, a consortium of nearly 100 universities.


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One thought on “Turn your MacBook into an Earthquake Sensor

  • Steve

    I suspect, in my house, all you would ever get would be me walking around the house with my heavy feet. It does seem like a pretty cool idea though, especially if you have a concrete floor under you…

    Do you think the macs would have detected this last quake?