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Name these books

I am part of a group of local amateur photographers who have recently formed a Flickr group. Each weekend we have a different “photo walk” to take. This weekend we were to look for old/antique/not new things. Well, I didn’t get much chance to walk outside of my office, so I reached for a few things I had handy that were, in fact, ancient. Now, here is the fun, who can name the books behind […]

Speed Reading?

Chris Tilling has asked what we think of speed reading and if we have any tips. I am afraid that I am not very helpful. I have a copy of Evelyn Wood’s Speed Reading but I never finished it…. Hand on my heart, that is true. Doing a quick Google search, btw, I came across this article which says, “Slow down: speed reading is bunk, studies say.” Eyes’ visual span allows for up to only […]

Chilton on his new book “Abraham’s Curse”

I came across this article today. I commented earlier on an interview with Bruce in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the same book. Having not yet read the book, my questions remain… Q&A with: Bard College’s Bruce Chilton | PoughkeepsieJournal.com | Poughkeepsie Journal Q&A with: Bard College’s Bruce Chilton Tell us about “Abraham’s Curse.” “Abraham’s Curse” shows how human sacrifice has been incorporated within Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the story of the patriarch’s […]