Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-25

  • @Scobleizer In NYC myself. Where is the trouble? ;_) #
  • On playcafe.com! With Leo and AmberMac? #
  • This PlayCafe.com is fun, trivia without the bar (good for me) but has tech problems. #
  • Keith Olberman makes no pretense of being a a newsman. It is his opinion as fact. And how is this different than those guys on FoxNews? #
  • @hv23 Is it too much that "news people" do news, whether left or right? I shouldn’t know their views, just the news… #
  • @Scobleizer Times Square it is! #
  • Oh well. Scoble went elsewhere. #
  • Time to do some work on that article #
  • I never sleep well on the road. There are only so many times I can watch SportsCenter. #
  • 7 am and I am watching baseball. Something wrong with dat. #
  • Off to breakfast with an old friend! #
  • Waiting for my car in a garage before heading to Longisland (all one word). #
  • Escape from New York! #
  • The hotel doesn’t have a room for me and only pay WiFi in the lobby. (Wired in the room.). If Red Roof can. Have free wifi why not Marriott? #
  • oh great quote from Clinton "We don’t have a choice about our family members, but we have a choice about our pastor." #
  • @hotdogsladies You are writing my blog. Not to mention my new commentary on the Pentateauch "WikiTorah – The BIble anyone can edit" #
  • If getting old includes an Indulgeabath count me in! #
  • http://www.indulgeabath.com/ #

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