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Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-25

@Scobleizer In NYC myself. Where is the trouble? ;_) # On playcafe.com! With Leo and AmberMac? # This PlayCafe.com is fun, trivia without the bar (good for me) but has tech problems. # Keith Olberman makes no pretense of being a a newsman. It is his opinion as fact. And how is this different than those guys on FoxNews? # @hv23 Is it too much that "news people" do news, whether left or right? I […]

Brothers Podcast – School Strike!

Isn’t technology fun? If you listened to last night’s podcast you know that my brother sounded like he was inside a can (aluminum, no doubt). So, I wanted to test things out again and it turns out that there is some more news to report. My nephew’s school district is striking! (We even discuss the possibility of CA homeschool teachers coming out to PA to cover the strike!) The announcement from the school district is […]