Times Online: Top 20 Religous T-shirts

You will need to go to their site to see them all, but here is how it all begins. (Warning: do not drink while reading this or your screen and keyboard will need to be cleaned. Additional Warning: the Apple aluminum keyboard does not come apart for easy cleaning.)

Top twenty religious t shirts

Joanna writes: Holiday souvenir or groupie must-have, the slogan t-shirt is a trend that refuses to die. But in the hands of the fervently religious it’s a means to evangelise to everyone they pass. Here’s a list of the 20 best we’ve found. P.S. There are no Buddhist t-shirts in the list but Boing Boing tells us that the Dalai Lama is due to set up a celebrity t-shirt line in October so it could all change. (LIBBY ADDS – my favourite is not on the list.  It just says “Jesus is Coming. Look busy”)

Hijabman is the designer and Muslim blogger behind this bold slogan. He says his website’s “a form of worship, a form of thanks to God,” are his t-shirts as well?


HT to Philip Jenkins.

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