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Warning: Dangerous Site (and why, for the time being, the Mac OS is more secure)

For quite some time now I have had “robots” mining my posts and putting them on their “blogs” resulting in pingback in my posts. Most of these are just intended to generate traffic back to their sites. Lately there have been some from a site of various names, but if the pinback is followed, looks like this: It looks like a page full of YouTube links but if you click on one (I like to […]

I am so disturbed by this.

That Jim West would pay $200 for a photo of me and that Jim West would only pay $200 for a photo of me. (Apparently my beard leads to lower value than others.) He clearly has a predilection for Jesus scholars as Crossley and Goodacre each go for $1k. I suppose this is about like a lightening strike close by. At the first you are just petrified with fear and then, when you realize that […]

Times Online: Top 20 Religous T-shirts

You will need to go to their site to see them all, but here is how it all begins. (Warning: do not drink while reading this or your screen and keyboard will need to be cleaned. Additional Warning: the Apple aluminum keyboard does not come apart for easy cleaning.) Top twenty religious t shirts Joanna writes: Holiday souvenir or groupie must-have, the slogan t-shirt is a trend that refuses to die. But in the hands […]

Political Cartoon: Wright v. Hagge

From: Bob Englehart | Englehart’s View: March 18, 2008 Englehart offers his own commentary. I don’t agree with most of it. He had a few choice lines, however. He, the cartoonist, is also UCC, like Obama. His description is classic. I’m UCC, a decent-sized rational department in the Christian corporation. Obama’s UCC too, and so is his preacher, but the reverend Mr. Wright is a deviant if you ask me. I’ve jokingly said to friends […]

Harrington’s Review of Vermes’ Resurrection

Discussion of GV’s latest work began on blogs yesterday. Out today (but actually dated “March 24, 2008”) Daniel J Harrington, SJ has a very professional review, “No Evidence?,” in America: The National Catholic Weekly. Obviously, as this review reveals, Vermes’ book is much more comprehensive than previous reviews and interviews have intimated (see below). As a review, Harrington’s seems to be just the right balance of summarizing the material presented in the reviewed work while […]