“Adorably solemn and stern Moses”

I know this site, “The Brick Testament,” has been reported elsewhere on the biblicablogs, but I was reminded of it last night and found that they are now selling the sets! One of my favorites:

Moses & the Ten Commandments
To celebrate the release of the book The Brick Testament: The Ten Commandments, it’s a new custom set featuring an adorably solemn and stern Moses holding the sacred tablets of the Ten Commandments.

And considering all the conversation about the Trinity I thought I should also point out they are offering a “Holy Trinity” custom set as well. (Jesus looks remarkably like Luke Skywalker and God is a bit pissed. The HS, however, looks like Lucy on Halloween. Could be, you never know.)

The Holy Trinity
A fine addition to any home, office, dorm, or place of worship, this is your chance to get your very own Jesus, God, and The Holy Ghost rendered in Danish plastic.

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