Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-03

  • Watching Banned from the Bible II on the History Channel. Let’s see which scholars I know and who were willing to be on this. #
  • Did that Stanford scholar really imply that there was validity to the Testament of Solomon as a text dating to Solomon’s day?! #
  • We are now on to Lilith. Always a favorite. No, not the music festival, the she-demon of the night. Do you think the Inigo Girls knew that? #
  • Of course Kenneth Hanson is hardly an authority… Would you put Coast to Coast on your CV? #
  • I love this! Every time they show a Hebrew text it is upside down! #
  • Eric Meyers is now on. He is solid at least. Well, I don’t think I will get this for my class…. #
  • Now on to the NT, Acts of Peter, and Dom Crosson #
  • And now Bart Ehrman. I really need to write a book that I would be embarrassed of at SBL but would make my bank balance healthy. #
  • Ha! Just realized I missed the Ark episode. No loss, just read Jim West’s live blog #
  • Dr. West’s aforementioned blog: http://tinyurl.com/2pxxnl #
  • My wife recommends relocating Jerusalem to Vegas, next to the Luxor (daily Exodus at 10, 2, and 6 with a floor show by Salome) #
  • In a 2 hour meeting on a Mon morning. I supose there are worse ways to start the week. #
  • @SCMProfessor So, no more ice capades by pilots? #
  • @pvponline Try Nuns with Guns http://tinyurl.com/2phanq #
  • @SCMProfessor Well at least you will be inside all day consulting. Hmm, this looks like a…paper clip! How else might I assist you today? #
  • Trying the new twhirl. I am liking it! http://twhirl.org/ #

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