New Poll: What is central to Christianity? 5

Note that I have intentionally allowed only one answer per vote. If you have to chose just one answer to that question, of the four options, which would it be? (And if you don’t like any of the answers feel free to add your own in the comments section.)


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5 thoughts on “New Poll: What is central to Christianity?

  • Blake Reas

    I think that I would have combined the Bible and Nicea, but I believe that Nicea has biblical roots, so maybe the bible is good enough… I am of course a Protestant. 🙂

  • E. I. Sanchez

    I’m glad “Belief in the substance of the Nicene and Apostle’s creeds” is so far #1.

    Believing the creeds will take us right back to the Bible.

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Thanks Bob. I have left the possible answers intentionally specific and limited. But in what way would you say Jesus is central. As messiah, atoning sacrifice, example of love, etc.?

  • Bob MacDonald

    Well – it’s a tough question. By central, I assume you mean the point from which or to which all lines lead – or the point around which all lines circle or ellipse. By Christianity I assume you mean not Christendom or the Church but the movement of faith associated with Christ – the anointer and anointed of Israel. His centrality is not in a role but in his person. I named the role of Bridegroom since it situates his person in as personal and intimate a role as possible in a word. I would not name messiah since this is implicit in the anointing from the meaning of ‘Christ’. I do not say example – though his simplest summary is ‘follow me’ – since example needs both engine (our body) and gas (his). I did not say atoning sacrifice since though it is indeed central and is the origin of all dimensions in Christ and the origin of time even, it is of disputed meaning. To say – his person – is to invite the saving response – engagement with him and participating therefore in the reality of his resurrection.