Book Meme

Kevin Wilson and Dr. Jim West have now tagged me for an odd yet kind of neat meme. The instructions are as follows:

  • Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)
  • Find page 123
  • Find the first five sentences
  • Post the next three sentences
  • Tag five people
  • So, here I go. It so happens, the nearest book is the BCP, the Book of Common Prayer. Page 123 is the order for Evening Prayer II. Reading full sentences (rather than versicle and response as separate sentences, which they are not), we begin in Suffrage B.

    That your holy angels may lead us in paths of peace and
    We entreat you, O Lord.

    That we may be pardoned and forgiven for our sins
    and offenses,
    We entreat you, O Lord.

    That there may be peace to your Church and to the whole
    We entreat you, O Lord.

    Rather appropriate at 10:49 pm this evening.

    So, I now tag my brother Steve Brady, Chris Tilling, Claude Mariottini, Drew Tatusko, Rick Brannan. Sorry for multiple tags! Feel free to ignore mine.

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