Happy Birthday Mac! 6

Welcome to Macintosh, 24 years ago today

24 years ago today the public could, for the first time, buy themselves a Macintosh computer. This little computer, which cost $2500, changed the way people interact with machines on a very real level. It is also the reason that TUAW exists. Without the Macintosh 128k there would be no TUAW, no Mac, and (most likely) no Apple.

Sound off in the comments if you bought one of those first Macs and share your story of how it impacted your life.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)


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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mac!

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Jeremiah, you are kidding right? Market share is hardly a way to measure success. Apple, or at least Steve Jobs, has assiduously not sought to increase dramatically their market share, but instead decided upon being a high-end niche company. (Gil Amelio tried and failed to increase market share by licensing and allowing other companies to make hardware for the Mac OS.) In fact, as near as I can recall, in the last 6-8 years Apple has at least doubled their market share (it was 4.5% at one point).

    So, the high end niche, at 10% of the total market share. How does that compare? Well, in 2005 Mercedes-Benz “only” had 9.1% of the world market share. What do most folks think of their legacy?

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Jeremiah, if you like an OS where you can really get in and get dirty with your OS then you need a Unix based OS like… the Mac OS. I can’t imagine what you might want to do with an OS that you cannot do with Mac OS. (Other than, obviously run certain pieces of software designed only for another platform…)