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Jim West Shares the Guilt

But how could something so right (in the kitchiest sense of kitsch) be so wrong? Doug Chaplin Is To Be Blamed For pointing out this wretched and disgusting parade of sacrilegious Christmas manger muckishness.  Heaven must be in uproar.  Especially because of the stupid cat manger scene.  My heavens.  What kind of depraved mind comes up with something like that? Once again, Jim is wrong. This is SO right. ­čÖé OK. He is right, the […]

Poll: When was Jesus born?

UPDATE:┬áJim West says┬áthat I should have included a “we don’t know” option for the poll, but since when do scholars admit to not even having a guess an educated opinion about something? So make your most thoroughly researched and thoughtful opinion count and vote now! Since I can now do polls, why not? [poll=3]Like to get some other views? Try this. Don’t know where Jesus was born? You may be British! The extent of Britons’ […]