SBL in Retrospect

It is Tuesday and I am sitting in the san Diego airport (which has free WiFi, good on ya!) having a bit of lunch before I depart. It was a good conference this year and although I had hoped to blog in/during sessions, I am not going to beat myself up about not having done that.

I saw and met a lot of great people, some old friends and I am happy to say many, many new ones. Chris Tilling and I had a nice chat today. I don’t want to rattle off the names, since I am not sure they would all like to have them posted on line (or admit to knowing me), but I was able to spend some time with two men who I consider mentors, many fun hours of chat and even some intelligent debate about matters of Aramaic, Targum, Midrash, and Bible. It was great fun and thank you all!

[I am now in Phoenix. I was interrupted before with a great conversation that lasted until boarding. PHX also has free WiFi!]

Academically, I went to most of the Qumran sessions with mostly very good papers, most of the rabbinic literature sessions (although midrash started too late on Tuesday to be able to attend) and one or two other random bits. And of course the Aramaic Studies Session that went very well.

It is boarding time again, so I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and leave you with a picture of one of those many long trains that kept conference attendees from their meals.

San Diego Train

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