Poll: AAR/SBL Split – Who will lose the most? 4

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4 thoughts on “Poll: AAR/SBL Split – Who will lose the most?

  • Michael Barber

    It was great getting to meet you the other night–at the time I didn’t put two and two together and realize this was your blog.

    Anyway, I think AAR is going to “lose the most”. But I actually think that in some ways it will be good for the SBL.

  • Jim Getz

    This is hard to say. I think AAR has more fashion sense and sexier papers. However, I think that there are more bibliophiles in SBL so more publishers might sign on with them. Of those I know who have duel memberships, most are planning to attend SBL not AAR next year. So, I’d say AAR will lose more substance, but SBL will lose some of the glitz.

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Jim, great to meet you in person! I am not sure if “sexier” is how I would describe many AAR papers, but… I wondered if your reference to “duel memberships” was an intentional pun.