Blue Cord Goes Mobile (And Now Targuman Too)

Many thanks to Kevin for pointing out this new mobile plugin for WordPress from Now you can view Targuman on your mobile device as well! It looks plain (no header) but very functional. The content is there for each post and you can comment as well! Nice.

Blue Cord Goes Mobile

Just in time for the SBL, this blog has gone mobile. It has been possible up until now to view Blue Cord on a mobile device, but it hasn’t been pretty. Now, however, I have installed a mobile blogging plugin from When it detects a mobile browser accessing the site, it sends pages that are easier to read on mobile devices. It will make it much easier for people to read my blog while at the SBL (although if you spend your time at the SBL reading my blog, you obviously have a problem).

(Via Blue Cord.)

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