Bibliobloggers at the SBL

I had posted a similar call, but I was way too early (July, in fact). So, what do you all think? I may have to change a lunch date, but Sunday sounds good to me. And I will be bringing a spiffy new handheld stereo mic for the event.

Bibliobloggers at the SBL

I haven’t seen any discussion of this in the biblioblogosphere, so I thought I would get the ball rolling.

Last year, several of us who write Bible-related blogs got together at the annual SBL meeting.  We had a good discussion about a number of topics, mostly but not exclusively related to blogging.  Chris Brady at Targuman brought his equipment and recorded the session for a podcast.

I am hoping we can get together again this year.  I was going to suggest that we get together for lunch on Sunday.  This is only a suggestion and I am open to other times, but I thought I would toss it out there to get the discussion going.

If you are a biblioblogger attending the SBL this year and would like to get together, leave a comment and let me know what times work for you.  If Sunday lunch isn’t a possibility, I will try to pull together everyone’s input and see if I can find a time that works for the largest number of people.

(Via Blue Cord.)

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