Desktop/Wallpaper Images

GourdsWe took the kids to select some pumpkins today. (I shouldn’t say “pick” since we did not go out to a field and pick our own off the vine. When did they stop doing that?) The farm had a table of gourds and I took the picture to the right because it looked interesting and I thought it might make a nice desktop image for my computer. It then occurred to me that others might like it as well. I have made a new set at my Flickr account with the images that I think other might like for this purpose: Desktop Images.

All are free to use them for personal use (if you like them a note would be nice!) but please ask before you use them for anything else. Odds are good I will say “yes.” I haven’t edited them in any way so some would need to be resized. If you tweak or make one better please send me a copy so I can upload it for others.

So enjoy and let me know what you think!

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