Biblical Studies Carnival XXI 4

The latest BS Carnival is up at Duane Smith’s Abnormal Interests. It is incredibly thorough and entertaining. In fact, I confess to beginning to worry that I will not be up to the January roundup I am scheduled to host. But we must persevere and keep up the good work fo those who have gone before us! So, as Duane reminds us, the next month is already here and will be hosted at Sansblogue:

Biblical Studies Carnival XXI

Biblical Studies Carnival XXII

Tim Bulkeley will be your host for Biblical Studies Carnival XXII over at Sansblogue. Tim’s carnival will be published around October 1, 2007. Please submit your candidate entries as soon as you see them. Biblical Studies Carnival looks for blog articles that make a contribution to academic biblical studies.

As Tyler Williams, our hard working advance person, reminds us,

“Individuals may nominate multiple suggestions or may nominate their own writing. Please refrain from submitting more than one post by any individual author for each Carnival, with the exception of multipart posts on the same topic. The posts should have been published recently, certainly within the previous month, and preferably since the date of the last Biblical Studies Carnival.

To submit a blog post for inclusion to the Biblical Studies Carnival you may do one of the following:

Send the following information to the following email address: biblical_studies_carnival AT If you’re not sure whether a post qualifies, send it anyway and the host will decide whether to include it.
The title and permalink URL of the blog post you wish to nominate and the author’s name or pseudonym.
A short (two or three sentence) summary of the blog post.
The title and URL of the blog on which it appears (please note if it is a group blog).
Include “Biblical Studies Carnival [number]” in the subject line of your email
Your own name and email address.
Use the submission form provided by Blog Carnival. (This is probably the easier option if you only have one nomination.) Just select “biblical studies carnival” and fill in the rest of the information noted above.”

(Via Abnormal Interests.)


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4 thoughts on “Biblical Studies Carnival XXI

  • Duane

    The book you link my name to sounds very interesting and I sure its author, Duane A. Smith will thank both of us for whatever royalties come his way from the link. But Duane A. Smith isn’t me. Sure, I’ve been to the San Juan Mountains and I was once interesting in the history of gold mining. But I am Duane E. Smith. And couldn’t write a book on the history of the San Juans if my life depended on it. But then, I’ll bet Duane A. Smith couldn’t read an Ugarit text or parse an Akkadian verb.

    Thanks for the link to Biblical Studies Carnival XXI and your kind words. By the way, I worried about how I would approach the Carnival too. But once I started, which was on August 1, it all came together. I put together the basic structure at the beginning and then added links as I found them or as they were nominated. From about August 5 on, there wasn’t more than two or three days in a row that I couldn’t have published a month to date roundup in less than an hour. Once I got going, I found it fun and looking for good material almost every day, even if I only spent 10 or 15 minutes beyond my normal blog reading, became a kind of exciting challenge.

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Duane, thank you for your encouragement! I really do appreciate it. I am looking forward to the challenge.

    As for the link, those are automatically generated by Amazon “Ad Links.” I have put it up as an experiment to see if it works and what people’s reactions are to it. (See this post regarding the ad links.) Unfortunately I know of no way to turn it off selectively. If you are truly bothered, I will shut it down all together.