IOTS Conference – Good Times!

Ljubljana TargumistsToday ended our two day conference of the IOTS. We were very sorry that Paul Flesher, our President, and Robert Hayward, a distinguished Targum scholar, were unable to join us because of illness. We wish them all the very best.

It has been a wonderful conference with many excellent papers. (And mine wasn’t bad either! 🙂 ) In particular I wanted to let everyone know about a few new or perhaps under-consulted resources in the field of Targumic and cognate studies.

  • Targum Manuscript Database – David Kroezer, Kampen, presented on the state of the new database of targumic manuscripts. This is a tremendous project and is due to go live (although you can consult it now) in August. The funding has run out for the project at this point, with only MSS of Tg Jonathan (to the Prophets) catalogued, but that still includes several thousands MSS. The database can be found at the site They are looking for additional funding and information on MSS. Please contact him at the website if you are able to help. David also reminded us of a few other useful databases available online: IMHM – Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts; GOLD – Genizah On-Line Database.
  • Critical Edition of Targum Samuel – Our keynote address on Day One was by Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman, Kampen. This project, also found at is an ongoing project to create a critical edition of TgJon to Samuel. At the moment only 1 Sam 1-3 is available. This work represents and amazing amount of work. It is a beautiful site and resource. Sadly it too was part of the grant that was funding the manuscript database and its funding has ended as well. Both of these projects are part of the ongoing ITTEP, International Targum Text Edition Project.
  • Ljubljana StreetsAt our business meeting yesterday we also discussed the Newsletter for Targum and Cognate Studies. This has been housed at and is primarily a source of bibliography as well as information concerning the IOTS. There has not a been a lot of activity on the site for the last two years, but fear not! We are going to revamp and transform the site! So stay tuned… I promise you will hear it here first!

    BTW, judging from the videos on the TV in my hotel, Slovenian music seems to  involve quite a lot of accordians, even in heavy metal!
    And if you want to see more of my pictures from the trip, click on any of the above pictures to go to my Flickr account.

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