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Notes from Oxford

UPDATE: £54 to fill up the rental car. That is $108! Not to my liking. And, for the record, I do not think that a similar approach of raising fuel taxes will help the US in any way. But that is another debate for another day. Starbucks coffee in England is lousy. Through a week and several cups (most E’s) we did not get a single decent cup from Starbucks. And they didn’t have half-half […]

Warwick Castle

Yesterday we went to Warwick Castle! We had a wonderful time, with birds of prey demonstrations, haunted towers, and a trebuchet demonstration. Today is our last day in England. We have had a great time. Tomorrow I am off to Slovenia for the conference. And now… off to the library to finish my paper! (You can see our pictures by clicking on any in the posts and going to our Flickr account.)