You can call me “dude”

From Andrew Schwab


I was called three of these in one day recently. Now, as a Christian, I am a pacifist. So I did not punch said Urban Outfitters employee (it seems that this company actually trains its people to use these derogatory pronouns to demean their customers, as I have heard numerous reports on both CNN and MTV Latin of violent incidents inside said clothing chain) when he proceeded to ephasize the fact that though we did not know one another and had never met previously, that I was his new “friend,” according to the use of the above terms. I would like issue a warning to not only Urban Outfitters employees, but any dude who does not want to get punched. When greeting someone you do not know, address them with a simple “hello.” Or, if you deem it absolutely necessary to throw in a more desciptive word, use the word “dude.” “Dude” has never, in the history of greetings, ever gotten anyone punched. I am sure of this.

Thanks to KEO for this!

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