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Jesus in the Floor Boards – Manifestation

Being related to the man I can tell you that he is crazy, but it looks like Jesus to me. Jesus in the Floor Boards – Manifestation Well, I thought I was losing my mind, but after several months of staring at the floorboards in the bathroom, I finally said to my wife and son, “well, I may be crazy, but has anyone else ever seen, in the floorboards of the bathroom–” And my son […]

Who needs metric?

We sure don’t. Still More Items of Interest! I saw a link on Digg today which made me chuckle. It’s a global map showing the countries which have still not adopted the metric system. What an awesome group of superpower nations! Made me think of this Sheldon toon. (Via Sheldon, The Daily Comic Strip ┬ęDave Kellett.)  

More Interfaith Clergy

This is a curious coincidence. I was reading TUAW (a must for any Mac geek) and noted a comment by the author, Mike Rose that his wife was studying to be a rabbi and his father-in-law had just been elected as a Lutheran Bishop. That caught my eye. (BTW, the TUAW piece is about “iGod” from the Prairie Home Companion. Very humorous. iGod “plays sermons and you just delete the parts you don’t like.”) So, […]

You can call me “dude”

From Andrew Schwab NAMES YOU DON’T CALL OTHER DUDES – 2007-06-17 “buddy” “pal” “chief” “captain” “bra” “broseph” “boss” I was called three of these in one day recently. Now, as a Christian, I am a pacifist. So I did not punch said Urban Outfitters employee (it seems that this company actually trains its people to use these derogatory pronouns to demean their customers, as I have heard numerous reports on both CNN and MTV Latin […]