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Engadget “fooled” by iPhone hoax

OK. I saw this earlier this week and didn’t have time to post on it. What I want to know from folks who understand the stock market is did Apple investors really “lose” their money, assuming they simply held on to their stock? Dvorak Uncensored » Engadget “fooled” by iPhone hoax I put “fooled” in quotes because there are checks you can run before offering up a statement guaranteed to affect stock prices. Engadget didn’t […]

SBL – Aramaic Studies Session

I hope I am not breaking any rules by releasing this information now, but… Here is the lineup for the Aramaic Studies session for this year’s SBL conference in San Diego. It will be on Monday afternoon, not in the heart of the conference but not on the Sabbath or Sunday either, so hopefully many will be able to attend! If all speakers are willing, I have permission to record our sessions for distribution as […]


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