Oh Snow!

Well the snow continues to fall and we are loving it! Schools, including PSU are closed, and it is Valentine’s Day! We had a lovely lunch of roast lamb shank, sparkling red grape juice, and a lovely desert. Even Elizabeth’s roses arrived via FedEx!

The snow is too deep for sledding now and is quite heavy (although only about 12-14″) because there is a layer of sleet that fell last night. The driveway has been shoveled to the half-way mark twice now (and an inch has accumulated on that portion just in the last hour while having lunch!). It is hard work but I console myself that it is far more fun and less anxiety inducing than boarding windows and sandbagging doors.

So if you are in the snow, stay warm and stay safe! Enjoy it with folks you love and be sure to make a snow angel, at least once this year! (And if you can’t manager that, try a snow angle.)

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