This is amazing. I saw the pictures on Flickr and then came across this article on MacBlog.

Interview with Jeremy Mehrle – Über Mac Collector

Recently a gallery of images of a basement that is part lounge and part museum surfaced on Flickr. I recently had a chance to talk to the man behind this undertaking and ask him a few questions.

Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jeremy I’m a Video Editor, Graphic designer and 3D animator for a small production studio in St. Peters, Missouri.

How long ago did you start using Macs?

I’ve been using Macs since 2001 when the iMac G4 came out. I actually decided to start using a Mac when I got a Bondi Blue iMac off ebay to add to my small computer collection. After that I bought an original Macintosh form ebay and completely fell in love with the platform. Then at Macworld Jobs announced the iMac and I had to have one. I’ve been a Mac user ever since.

Did you start this as a way to display machines you already had, or did you aquire these Macs for this purpose?

Half of the machines I already had and half I bought just to display. The iMac wall and the Classic II bar were both purchased to display in that manner. The iMacs at the desks and the rest of the machines I had in my collection and I want to put them on display.

How many machines are in the collection?

I have around 75 computers in the collection if you count the Classic II’s that make up the bar.

Read the whole thing on The Apple Blog.

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