Two Great Tastes Together

I am a very big fan of Wait, Wait. In fact, I listen to it on my iPod as a podcast because our local NPR station does’t carry it. SO I was pleased to read in TUAW this report:

Today, NPR’s tongue-in-cheek news quiz Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! featured an impression of Steve Jobs’ now-legendary prank call to Starbucks (4,000 lattes) by newscaster Carl Kassel. The coffee quote comes in the show intro and again in the “Who’s Carl This Time” segment (about 45 minutes in) — too bad the player misidentified it as the launch of the “Microsoft Phone.” Host Peter Sagal suggested that the second version of the iPhone needs to come with a vital nerd-friendly feature: a woman who would be really, really impressed with it.Sagal also asked the panelists how cell companies would compete with the iPhone: best answer was from Adam Felber, who suggested that Verizon would introduce a new music player where you could play your favorite song “by pressing only a dozen buttons, and get to listen to almost half of it before it drops out.” Wait Wait is a personal favorite of some TUAW team members (we love panelists Felber and Paula Poundstone), so check the schedules page for your local broadcast time or haul down the podcast from iTunes.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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