President of U Mich’s email Revealed

The point of this article is that the pres. of UM was “barraged” with email urging them to comply with the new ban on preferences<

The University of Michigan’s president, Mary Sue Coleman, and other officials there were barraged with e-mail last fall urging them to comply with a new amendment to the state’s Constitution banning the use of affirmative-action preferences by public colleges and other state agencies, The Ann Arbor News reported today.

What is chilling to me is this:

The newspaper used the state’s open-records law to obtain e-mail received by Ms. Coleman and the university’s eight regents in the three days after the November 7 elections, in which voters overwhelmingly approved Proposal 2, the ban on preferences.

In Michigan at least, if you send an email (or any other missive) to the administration of the university it appears that your communication can be accessed by just about anyone. That would certainly make me think several times about what I would say and if I would send it in the first place….

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