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Converters Coming! Free and (Fairly) Fast.

I meant to post this last week, but the trip got in the way. For those wondering about the need for (and lack of) Mac Office converters once the new Windows version of Office comes out: Converters Coming! Free and (Fairly) Fast. There’s been some pretty alarmist news stories this morning (apcstart.com; CrunchGear) about file format converters and Office for Mac. Because some of these stories seem designed more to inflame than inform, I want […]

“Bundles of Hope” – Help New Orleans & Louisiana

The Bundles of Hope program is a great way to help folks who are still affected by Katrina and her aftermath. My wife is once again helping out the Communications office of EDOLA (by LOOOOOONG distance) and this is very important to us. If you can help, please check out this link. Bishop Charles Jenkins and the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana are pleased to announce “Bundles of Hope,” an alternative gift giving program this Christmas […]