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“Christ-follower not Christian”: Mac Ad Parodies

I came across these “Parodies of the Mac/PC commericals from Community Christian Church.” I am in doubt as to whether I agree with the theology that seems to be behind them (their closing tag is “Christian no more”) but they are clever and I certainly want to be hip like the Christ-follower/Mac. (Via Think Christian.)  

The Last Supper at Pesach

I also want to note that Alex Golub’s article brings up one point that I have made often and yet do not see discussed in theological terms very much (if at all). The original grounding event of the Last Supper thus becomes the source of a metaphorical identification. This is not the end of the matter, however, since the Last Supper itself is Jesus’s own elaborate riff on the festival he was celebrating — Passover. […]

You lose some…

You lose some more.  Still Spamming, After All These Years Still Spamming, After All These Years Three years ago, Bill Gates made one of his boldest predictions: The problem of junk e-mail, he said, would be solved by 2006. Of course, with fewer than thirty days left in the calendar year — and in boxes still inundated with offers of stock tips and penis-enlargement pills — it’s a safe bet that Mr. Gates’s prognostication will not […]

Down but not Out

Last night the server at my host went down. This was the first time in over two years that this has happened to me! I called and reported the problem and within a few hours it was back up! I highly recommend 1and1 folks. It is very reasonable: $2.99 per month gives you * 1 domain name * 5 GB web space * 500 e-mail accounts * 250 GB traffic Can’t beat that with a […]