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Summary of Berlinblau’s CHE article on SBL

Be sure to read Danny Zacharias’ excellent summary of the recent debate surrounding Berlinblau’s article in the Chronicle of Higher Education critiquing SBL. Danny’s own refections are definitely worth reading. E.g., It seems clear to me that the entire point of the article is to say that the SBL isn’t secular enough.  Quote: “The society needs to devote thought and resources to the creation of a form of biblical scholarship that goes beyond theology and […]

Forum Posts

The forum looks nice and a few of you have checked it out before any real content was/is there. The only drawback I can see is that there is no way to receive updates on the page via RSS. So the advantages of a blog are lost (you have to be dedicated to going back and following the discussion). Be that as it may, I will keep it up and see what happens. I have […]