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What’s Wrong with the SBL?

This is from Kevin. Thanks for the heads up! What’s Wrong with the SBL? The Chronicle of Higher Education has a provocative piece by Jacques Berlinerblau entitled “What’s Wrong with the Society of Biblical Literature?” As I and many fellow bibliobloggers will be descending on Washington, DC, next week for the SBL annual meeting, this is a timely question. I don’t have time right now to reflect or respond on what Berlinerblau says, but I […]

Dave Kellett Needs Help

From one of the strips I read is a post about another strip I read. Sheldon is moving! Dave Kellett Needs Help BLC’s Dave Kellett needs your help. He’s moving his daily strip, Sheldon, to http://www.sheldoncomics.com tomorrow. He’s leaving United Media to go completely independent… which means he needs help spreading the word to as many people as possible. The majority of Sheldon readers currently get the strip via Ccomics.com/comics/sheldon, or via United Media’s e-mail […]

Election 2008 Preview

This PBS story was the Religion and Ethics Newsweekly’s “Election 2008 Preview” but it serves just as well for a post mid-term election consideration of what is to come. Do the 2006 midterm elections set the stage for a highly politicized religious environment in 2008 and for more religious appeals across the political spectrum? Another quote: Prof. HERTZKE: I’m not sure it’s really healthy, the era we’re in, in which religion is so politicized and, […]