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Thanksgiving donations to forgotten FEMA “village”

My wife has posted an email and request from a friend back in Louisiana. Please do not let these people be forgotten. Thanksgiving donations: If you are thinking about making a difference this Thanksgiving you can send money to help feed some folks at a FEMA trailer park in Baker, Louisiana. The hot meals have stopped and many are stranded in a rural area with no cars and limited public transportation. Read the note below […]

One after God’s own heart?

I love David and the narratives surrounding his life and at some point I would like to write about him. In the meantime many great folks have already done so. See Stephen Cook’s recent entry: David: A hermeneutic Entree into Scripture The character of David’s portrait in Bible invites the reader to identify with the figure in all his humanity. David is so often presented in Scripture not as a great king, but as a […]