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So maybe…

…we need more than just being “sincere.” In case and when the strip disappears, the dialog is this: Charlie Brown – [mocking Linus with Lucy at his side] “Look at me… I’m the ‘Great Pumpkin’! “I rise up out of the pumpkin patch, and bring toyws to all the children on Halloween! “Hey, Linus! How many toyw did he bring you?!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!” Linus – [sitting on a curb with Snoopy at […]

Technology in Higher Ed: One step at a time.

I have been discussing with my brother and the great folks at our TLT department different ways to implement technology, specifically delivery of course content such as Duke’s iPod program and student created dossiers such as one of the many ePortfolio services. As someone who loves to embrace new tech I have also been cautious about employing it in the classroom until I know that it brings added value to the learning experience and has […]

The definition of sin

And, in case the comic should go away, Thorax in 9 Chickweed Lane, said, Sin is an act of moral turpitude with an option to renew. Not bad, eh? A note about my linking to comics. I always try to link to the comic’s home directory. I do this as a form of attribution. These works belong to their creators (and sadly, sometimes to their syndicates) and they deserve due credit. Please consider supporting them […]