The move is on! 2

The movers packed and took all our belongings yesterday. The house is now empty except for the bits that will go in the car, including our air mattresses that make up our beds. The feeling is oddly like post-Katrina, but whereas then we had all our things but no electricity or phone service now we do not have any furniture. This, however, is a great time for us. Transitions are always difficult and this is a big one. But we are all VERY excited and looking forward to being a part of the Penn State Family!


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2 thoughts on “The move is on!

  • writing_here

    Penn State? This is news. So you’re trading the Big Easy for the City of Brotherly Love. No wonder you’ve been silent on GTnG – moving is such a pain. Make sure you buy one of those things called a snow shovel – you’ll need it come winter in Philly.

  • Cb

    Well, State College rather than Philly, but yes, that is why I have been quiet on GTNG! And they apparently get even more snow in Happy Valley! This is actual the region we are from so we are “going home” in many ways. In fact, I am in my folks house now and tomorrow we head up to SC and walk through the new house!