Sacred Texts: Texts of Judaism

I don’t be I have noted this site before. Sacred Texts Has a very comprehensive site, one that I am still exploring. It is very similar to the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, but has a much broader scope, including Tolkien and UFOs! For my current students, see the section on Texts of Judaism.

I like the fact that the site’s FAQ is helpful and humorous:

The Short F.A.Q.

Q. Who are you?
A. My name is John B. Hare. I put this site together.

Q. Why did you do it?
A. To do something nice for people.

Q. Will you link to my site?
A. Probably not. The site isn’t about links, it’s about texts. (See links).

Q. Can I use stuff from this site?
A. Sure. Most of the site is not copyrighted. It should be obvious what parts of the site are copyrighted. Please don’t copy those parts. Everything else, you can use for anything you can dream up. (See copyrights and TOS).

Q. Did you write all this stuff?
A. No. Most of it was written by dead people, a long time ago.

Q. But what do you believe?
A. The site isn’t about me, it’s about the texts.

Q. How can I help?
A. Buy a CD-ROM. Make an etext of a public domain book and give it to the site (See volunteer). Be nice to someone. Do something creative.

Q. Help me with my problems!
A. I’m sorry you have problems, but I can’t help you with them.

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