Beware of Typos! (Or someone took my site, sort of)

This morning I manually typed in the URL of my blog and this site came up: Mega site of Bible studies and information. At first I thought someone had taken my URL then I realized that I had misspelled “blogPsot.” So, if you get to this site, it is not from ME and I do not endorse it.

What I am really curious about is when it was created. My blog isn’t the most popular around, but perhaps it had enough hits for this “evangelist” to feel the need to capitalize on the name?

UPDATE: It appears that / will bring up this “Mega site of Bible studies.” Presumably this person (or persons) felt that this was a great way to evangelize to those pro to typos. I have not examined their site in detail, but it is not exactly my style, that is for sure.

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