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Ralph the Sacred River: Is the Gospel of Judas “Troubling”?

Ed has a great little post summing up the popular impact of the release of Judas. I couldn’t have said it better so I shan’t. Ending bit: I suppose it bears repeating: (1) none of the Gnostic gospels, which date from at least a century after the time of Christ, have any credible claim to provide evidence about the historical Jesus; (2) none of the early New Testament canons ever included any gnostic Gospels, therefore […]

SBL: Aramaic Session and Something New

Others have posted about their papers having been accepted at SBL (e.g., here and here and here for links to others as well), so I thought I should post about my future SBL doings. I am Chair of the Aramaic Studies Unit, but I also submitted a paper to a new session and something different: “Teaching Biblical Literature in an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Context.” Since I have been doing this for all of my professional […]