Billy and Franklin Graham in New Orleans . March 10, 2006 | PBS

Rev. Graham addresses the question of theodicy in the most reponsible way I have yet see from a prominent preacher, while here in NO.

God has allowed it [Katrina]. I don’t believe he sent it, but he allowed it for a reason and a purpose, and it may be to build a new New Orleans

We all hope and pray for a New Orleans.

On Tisha b’Av when the destruction of the Temple(s) is commemorated there is a tradition that during the recitation of Lamentations the penultimate verse is repeated since the final verse (“Or hast thou utterly rejected us? Art thou exceedingly angry with us? ” 5.22) is less then encouraging.
Restore us to thyself, O LORD, that we may be restored! Renew our days as of old!

Maybe not just like our days of old….

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