Review of The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations

Today Brill sent me a copy of the first (and only, so far as I know) review of my book The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations by W. Th. Van Peursen. I believe this link is correct, but I do not have a subscription to Ancient Near Eastern Studies.

It is a kind review, mostly summarizing my arguments and concluding:

To those who consider a book review not to be complete without some critical remarks we have little to offer, except for an editorial detail. It is a pity that throughout the book footnotes on the bottom of the pages do not run parallel with the references in the main text, but come one or two pages later.

Well! I will take that criticism. 🙂 But I will also reply, since I provided the text as camera ready copy to Brill. I used NisusWriter (an excellent word processor with multi-language support for OS9) and the longer footnotes did indeed move some later notes to the next page. As best as I can recall, I choose to do that than have a page with just one or two lines of main text and the rest footnotes, since the overrun was relatively rare. I agree, flipping pages to follow the notes is annoying, but not so annoying as endnotes!

Thank you Wido for the review!

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