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the blue couch

For those students of mine who wonder what life was like back in the day, I present the blue couch. One of my old roommates posted this blog as an homage to the couch that my grandmother gave us for dorm room use. The last word I have is that the couch is still alive (imagine all the bacteria it has in it now) and being used by a fire eater and his wife. No, […]

Review of The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations

Today Brill sent me a copy of the first (and only, so far as I know) review of my book The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations by W. Th. Van Peursen. I believe this link is correct, but I do not have a subscription to Ancient Near Eastern Studies. It is a kind review, mostly summarizing my arguments and concluding: To those who consider a book review not to be complete without some critical remarks we […]

Wozniak criticizes Apple’s Intel move?

MacMinute News provides this somewhat dramatic title and the following quote: “It’s like consorting with the enemy. We’ve had this long history of saying the enemy is the big black-hatted guys, and they kind of represent evil. We are different, and by being different we’re better,” he says. “All of a sudden we’re the same in this hardware regard, so it’s a little hard to swallow your words from the past.” But the Woz’s comments […]

USATODAY.com – Churches struggle to get by in New Orleans

This article details the struggles churches and synagogues are facing in the wake of Katrina. Fr. Kramer is a friend and I spent a year and a half teaching at Annunciation. They are doing outstanding work to bring relief and hope to a neighborhood that has been devestated and is only 4 long blocks from Tulane and across the street from the hospital where our children were born. Since Katrina broke levees and flooded New […]