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Academic crowd sourcing

I write this with the sense that I am in some way cheating, but if David Pogue can write an entire book via Twitter (in which one of my tweets is quoted) then perhaps I can call upon the greater knowledge and wisdom of the biblioblogging world to aid me in some research. This SBL I was asked to present a paper for the Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah section on exile and return. We are, of course, meeting […]

SBL & Biblioblogging

As many of you all know Jim West has taken the lead to forge an “affiliation” with SBL and is now moving forward with forming a steering committee. Some have responded to these developments with some concern and consternation. Chris Heard is the most outspoken that I have come across and I find myself more than sympathetic to his questions and concerns and have posted my own thoughts here. Still, I prefer to be a […]

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2010 SBL Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting

Jeremy Shipper asked if we would pass this call along and I am more than happy to do so! (And if I can get my act together I will even submit a paper. I love my administrative job but it makes research a challenge.) Jeremy tells us that, “Highlights for our 2010 meeting include our plenary address by Dr. Benjamin D. Sommer, Professor in the Department of Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages at the Jewish […]

Mid-Atlantic AAR/SBL Schedule

Our colleague Jeremy Schipper has sent along the attached pdf of the schedule for the Mid-Atlantic AAR/SBL. It looks like a good schedule. I am still not sure if I can make it, but I will try. 2009 MAR AAR-SBL Program Schedule. MID-ATLANTIC AMERICAN ACADEMY OF RELIGION and MID-ATLANTIC SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE AAR SBL ANNUAL MEETING March 26–27, 2009 (Thursday-Friday) at THE RADISSON HOTEL AT CROSS KEYS 5100 Falls Road,  100 Village Square Baltimore, […]

Last Call for SBL Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting

I have been intending to submit a paper, but I confess I have not. So Jeremy’s notice buys me more time to procrastinate! No! Get your papers submitted now! Dear Colleagues, I wanted to take a moment to remind you once again to keep the submissions coming for our 2009 SBL Mid Atlantic Regional meeting.  If you have not done so already, please email me your submissions by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5 at  We will […]