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A close reading of Ruth

Teaching the Book of Ruth

In response to my earlier post on Campbell‘s comments about characters in the Bible, John asked for a little guidance. “I have just started teaching Ruth on Wednesday nights. If you will, give me a little insight that would improve my job as teacher. We are going through the OT/HB and are beginning Ruth. Thanks.” I started to write a reply and it got a bit long and I realized that organizing my thoughts this […]

Campbell on the intent of characters in the Hebrew Bible

I thought I had mentioned this on Targuman before, but apparently not. In his commentary on Ruth Campbell asserts: It is inherent in biblical thought generally that a person’s actions and words offer a true picture of the person’s character. Hebrew stories do not have characters with hidden motives and concealed agendas, or if they do, the audience is explicitly told about it.1 Certainly biblical characters are often devious and do have agendas and perhaps […]

Penn State Softball

PSU Softball, a set on Flickr. For whatever reasons my son loves softball. Part of it is the beautiful Beard Field at Penn State. We can sit right on the front row, next to the PSU dugout and see all the action. These are just a few shots that he and I took of the last few games this season.