The semester is over

This moth (butterfly? I am never sure) is stretching her wings, clearly away that the semester is over and he can fly a little more freely again. 

For those few of you who regularly stop by I apologize for my silence. The end of the semester is busy for all academics and this year has been particularly hectic. Yesterday was our Medals Ceremony for graduating Schreyer Scholars and we had a record number of honors graduates: 478. We even managed to fit everyone into the venue filled almost to its capacity of 2,400. This was not a certainty and led to a LOT of anxiety on all parts. More lessons learned in life, certainly. 

So happy grading my friends or enjoy that sweet relief if it is past. Soon I will delve back into my research on Targum Ruth and no doubt I will turn to for relief and conversation. I hope you will join me. 


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