Instagram – Quickly share your photos

Tending goal is a lonely business.

You know me by now, I love photography more than comics. The iPhone does not have the best camera among smart phones, but it isn’t bad, at all. Sharing those images is part of the fun and while flickr is a great storage/sharing service there is no quick way to upload and share from the iPhone. Then came Instagram.

I am late to this party and it isn’t a perfect bash, for sure, but it is a nice free app an service. You take a picture, add one or none of a variety of filters including tilt/shift, and then upload to facebook, twitter, email addresses, etc. So when I took this shot of my son I was able to send it to twitter, facebook, and flickr and also send it to my wife’s email (since she never checks the other sites).

Add to that the new app Postagram (created by an SHC grad) which connects to Instagram and allows you to mail a physical postcard of your image and you have a great travel tool. When in Cali two weeks ago I took and instantly shared images with the fam. Then I sent a postcard to the kids that arrived after I did, but they loved it!

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