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What it means to be a scholar

By jamelah on flickr used under Creative Commons license. From my “other” blog as Dean of the SHC. I share it here because I am not sure that everyone would agree with my definition of a scholar. (I should note that our students are “Schreyer Scholars” so there is a bit of a play on words.) This week we met with the faculty who will be reading this year’s applications to the SHC. They are […]

Fractured online identity?

Or split personality? Christopher Long, associate professor of Philosophy at PSU and soon to be associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts, is wondering how to manage his online presence. Should he have one unified identity @cplong? Or two or more, such as I have (@targuman and @shcdean)? My comments were as follows. I have two because I do try and keep my @shcdean more “professional,” just as I keep my SHC blog http://engage.shc.psu.edu/ […]